The Evolution of Office Working

It’s truly staggering the impact technology has had on everyday life, from getting up in the morning, performing our jobs, communicating with friends\colleagues\clients and how we entertain ourselves.   We truly live in a world made significantly smaller through the power of technology, we are not, however, embracing that technology to make our own personal lives better.  At times it feels we merely echo the historical actions of decades gone by with the addition of some digital seasoning….

The evolution of cloud services has seen server technologies move out of basements and cupboards in to data centres hosted in secret remote locations, we communicate with clients and colleagues anywhere in the world, yet we still ritualistically travel to a single working environment to perform our tasks.   We subject ourselves to the horrors of the commute in a battle with all other road users to get to a place of work, a great mass of cars slithering their way to a large corporate monolith while guzzling petrol and further polluting our environment…is it just me that finds this utterly ridiculous and futile?

Why do we persist in further polluting our planet through the routine of travelling to an exceedingly expensive office location?  Why do we have companies trying to incentify people to relocate their entire lives to be closer to offices?   Why are we not embracing the benefits of technology to make our lives better, can we cast off the ritualised old-fashioned need to collectively travel to drab office locations and seize the capabilities to work where we want and when we want?

I genuinely believe our daily lives could be considerably enriched by embracing the cloud and remote working, a core requirement to be contactable during standard working hours with the flexibility to carry out our 8-hour day at our own schedule. We would see an increase in productivity, a reduction in stress, a less polluted environment, more greenspace and a return to a more family centric way of living.

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