Pacman munched our bottom line…

The world of Information Technology never seems to stop nibbling away at the purse strings whether you are a business or a home user.  You make the investment in to the required hardware (PCs, Laptops, Servers, Networks), to then find out you face even more costs for software, licensing, security, a web domain, a website the list just seems to go on.Many of our customers are surprised to find out there are some fantastic alternative options for most applications that are free (or significantly cheaper) while also rivalling the functionality of their costlier commercial cousin.  The following are details of some of the best Open Source applications that are currently available.

LibreOfficeWhat seems a staple of every home and business computer is Microsoft Office, however certainly not a cheap solution especially if you require it for several computers/users.   LibreOffice is a fantastic set of office applications that rival MS Office -Writer (word), Calc (Excel), Impress (PowerPoint), Draw (diagrams), Math (Formula Editor) and Charts.   All free for home and business users, this has been a long-established Office suite that is currently at version 6.Available Here:

GNU Image Manipulation ProgramThis is a truly stunning application for anyone that works with images/photographs, in terms of functionality it rivals the most popular commercial photo editing tool (Adobe Photoshop) and anyone familiar with photo editing apps will find it easy to adapt to.   Interesting named app though “Gimp”.Available Here:

Mozilla FirefoxWhile any windows computer will come with Internet Explorer/Edge already they are far from being the most popular.   Mozilla Firefox is the browser we recommend to all our clients, created by a not for profit organisation with the object of making the internet a safe secure environment.  They also have an excellent email application called Thunderbird

Available Here:  /

PDF CreatorPDF Creator is a wonderful alternative to Adobe Acrobat it provides all the same features while costing absolutely nothing.

DiaDia is ideal for anyone that needs to create flow charts, structured diagrams, org charts etc.   Rivalling the functionality of Microsoft Vision and again cost you nothing.

7-ZipUsed extensively for both home and business a good file compression tool is essential, the open source solution that we highly recommend is 7-Zip.  This is the direct download link for the current windows version¬

ClamWinWhile we recommend the free BitDefender antivirus to our home users it is not suitable for business users.   ClamWin is an excellent free antivirus solution that can be used in a commercial environment.

For business clients there are also many alternative free solutions for sever systems which offer even more substantial savings including ERM, CRP, Information Sharing, Backup Solutions, Project Solutions, Remote Access Solutions and inventory management to name but a few.

This would cover the most common applications on home or office computers…by using these alternatives to the commercial applications you would save up to £1789 with a considerable portion of that being an annual cost.

We offer a reinstallation service which can include these applications for all suitable computers, our business clients should contact us about our desktop deployment solutions which is the most cost-effective method for dealing with 5 to 500 computers (also reduces support costs)

Get in touch with Plan2IT for further details and options:

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