Over the last 40 years gaming has established itself as a favourite hobby/pastime for many people across most generations, from kids to teenagers, adults to grandparents the pleasures of gaming are well established.   Whether it is console gaming, PC gaming or mobile gaming the options for entertainment are virtually unlimited.

However as with most hobbies there is a high cost to it from both the initial outlay for the hardware, future upgrades and the ongoing cost of buying games can leave a sizeable dent in anyone’s pocket...thankfully when it comes to buying games there are some significant savings to be purchased by using some key online services.


Steam is an online gaming service developed and produced by the Valve corporation, it greatly simplifies installation, management and access to a extremely large array of games from a multitude of vendors.   Through the steam platform they often provide offers for savings on many games, with patience most games will have offers on them.  However, for the most substantial savings for PC gaming is using specific sites that connect directly to steam but offer more substantial savings.


EA Origins

While there is some contention with EA over the model they have used it does provide some fantastic opportunities to get access to the EA game portfolio.   This is achieved through their EA Access subscription, they have two subscription options with EA Access offering access to over 50 games from their back catalogue for £3.99 a month or their EA Access premier service which provides access to both their back catalogue and all new EA games.   If you are an avid gamer and love the EA range of games either of these service provide fantastic value for money.


Humble Bundle

Humble bundle is a fairly unique service who provide a distribution platform for gaming with most games being activated on Steam.   While they are more focused on older games you can get a large number of games for exceedingly low prices while also helping charity,  they also offer a monthly subscription service which provides numerous games to use on steam each month.   If you cancel the Humble Bundle subscription you retain all the games you have received through the subscription.


CD Key Sites

There are numerous sites that offer excellent deals for buying digital content, the potential for savings through CD Key sites are significant, discounts are offered on most games from pre-releases, new and old games.   One of the best sources to ensure you are getting a good deal from CD Key sites is the AllKeyShop which compares the main CD Key retailers to help you find the best deal.  They also frequently offer deals on console gaming including PS Plus/XBOX gaming services.


PS Plus/XBOX Live

Certainly anyone that owns a PlayStation or Xbox will already likely be members of their subscription service which is required for online gaming.   However, they are still worth a mention as they provide a great value for money service offering several free games each month.

I have personally used all of these services and found them to provide excellent value for money, often making savings of in excess of 60-70% over the manufactures recommended retail price.